Salmon, Trout & Exotics

Ridley’s Fish & Game are proud to be one of a select number of suppliers of sustainable Loch Duart Salmon across the UK.

Loch Duart is a very different Salmon Company.
“The difference begins with our approach to rearing salmon and ends with a product which is consistently judged superior in taste, quality, colour and overall perception, as evidenced by the number of leading international chefs and restaurants which service Loch Duart farmed salmon by name.

Best practice’ is the principle applied to Loch Duart salmon at every stage of rearing, harvesting and supply – a sustainable and environmentally-responsible approach which defines a long term role for aquaculture as an essential and viable part of the food supply chain of the future.

Stocks of wild fish are dwindling through overfishing – and the global influence of aquaculture is such that in 1999, for the first time, salmon farming produced a greater tonnage than the world’s wild atlantic salmon catch and has done so in every subsequent year.” – From the Loch Duart Salmon website

Salmon, Trout & Exotics


Loch Duart Sustainable Scottish Farmed Salmon  
Whole 3-6 kilo size (tartan quality mark) P.O.A.
Scottish Salmon Fillets  
Scaled or skinned + pin-boned P.O.A.
Scottish Salmon Steaks  
Scaled or skinned + pin-boned P.O.A.
Organic Salmon  
Whole 6-8 lb size (steaks/filets to order) P.O.A.
Wild Salmon (summer months – sea caught)  
6 – 7 1bs grilse P.O.A.
8 – 20 1b salmon P.O.A.
Steaks and fillets to order P.O.A.
Wild Sea Trout (summer months – sea caught)  
Whole 4 -15 1bs size P.O.A.
Farmed Rainbow Trout  
Whole Cleaned and grilled P.O.A.
Rainbow Trout Fillets  
skin-on P.O.A.
Tuna Loin  
Mainly yellow-fin, natural skinless loins, vac-pac P.O.A.
Swordfish Loin  
skinless, vac-pac P.O.A.
marlin ,sailfish, shark loins also available vac-pac P.O.A.
Parrot Fish  
Whole (8 oz +) P.O.A.
Red Mullet  
Whole (6 oz +) P.O.A.
Red Snapper  
Whole P.O.A.
Orange Tilapia  
Whole (8 oz +) P.O.A.
Whole/fillets P.O.A.
Silver Pomfret  
Whole (12 oz +) P.O.A.
Sea Bream  
Whole Black, silver, red P.O.A.
Whole Gilt-edged P.O.A.
Fillet Gilt-edged P.O.A.
Whole Herrings  
Whole/fillets – mainly summer and autumn months P.O.A.
Whole, cleaned – mainly summer and autumn months P.O.A.
Whole – mainly summer and autumn months P.O.A.
Whole – various sizes, mainly mid-summer – early winter P.O.A.
Sea Bass  
Whole Farmed: 400-600 g, 600-800g, 800-1000 g P.O.A.
Fillets cut to order Farmed: 400-600 g, 600-800g, 800-1000 g P.O.A.
Wild Bass  
Subject to availability – Summer months P.O.A.

All fish can be prepared to customers’ requirements. Please ask for further details. All prices are guides only and can be affected by market conditions. All white fish is landed locally from day boats, where possible, please phone: 01434 609 246 or email: for further details. All products subject to availability. We always endeavour to accommodate special requests wherever possible. P.O.A. = Price On Application.